One Concern Domino

Enterprise-Focused Resilience Analytics

One Concern Domino™ helps leaders build resilience and make better business operations decisions amid climate volatility and extreme weather.

Vulnerability Map

Model historical events and custom scenarios to identify your assets with the highest structural and dependency-level risk

Downtime Insights

Project operational downtime with customizable return periods, planning horizons and risk thresholds.

First to fail

Predict locations of interest which are most likely to fail across owned assets and critical external business lifelines.

Climate Eye

Model your risk exposure through the lens of climate change, for a comprehensive view of future scenario planning

How Resilience Analysis Works

Risk Visualization

Our digital twin of the natural and built environment maps your vulnerabilities across an intuitive map

Risk Analysis

Insights to uncover the risk to your assets and the networks they depend on.

Risk-Informed Business Operations

Mitigation, transfer and pricing of risk.

Real impact. Real action.